How to pick a bowling ball
How to pick a bowling ball

It is essential to find a perfect bowling ball that will fit your bowling style and weight, a size that suits you.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to think right away about core, hook potential, or brands.

You need to focus on the ball’s weight and size, ball type, and grip for your first bowling ball.

How to choose the right bowling ball?


Follow our guide, and you will know all the essential factors you need to know when looking for your first bowling ball or want a new one and get it in the right way.

It is simple, and you will know when you pick it up and try to roll it down the lane.

You will learn other factors, and there will be no problems with looking for a perfect fit for you.


Bowling ball materials


bowling balls” src=”” alt=”Urethane bowling balls” width=”425″ height=”425″ /> Urethane bowling balls

Bowling balls at the local centers are made of plastic, but you can find a few more materials.

Urethane bowling balls have softer coverstock or shell that makes more friction and gives them better hooking potential.

Urethane balls roll evenly and have a great pin on the friction point.

Reactive resin bowling balls – This is an innovative material. This is a resin particle in the coverstock on a urethane ball.

This ball has a strong hook on the dry lanes. If you want to use them on the oily lane, you will need to generate more speed.

Particle bowling balls – Innovation in the bowling world, tiny pieces of glass and ceramic in the ball’s coverstock.

These fragments increase the friction of the ball.

The ball will have more grip on the different lane conditions, increased power, and better hook motion.

Bowling ball types

Bowling ball types
Bowling ball types


The main question in choosing the right bowling ball is easy: Do you want to throw your ball straight, or would you like to learn to do hooks?

If this is the preferred style, straight roll chooses a polyester ball called a spare ball or plastic ball. The price range of this type is affordable, and it is excellent for recreational bowling.

Hook roll – if you want to learn hooks, choose entry-level balls. Find the one that is in the middle price range. They are a step up from spare balls.

Weight of the bowling ball


This is the second step. Try a few different balls, and you will determine the right weight.

Consider that the already drilled balls are lighter than those in the store to drill on order.


There are two styles, conventional grip and fingertip grip.

You can use inserts – they create more friction when your thumb is out of the ball, giving you extra rotation.

Conventional grip – thumb is all in the ball, middle and ring finger are in on the second knuckle.

Fingertip grip – the whole thumb is in the ball, middle and ring finger are in on the first knuckle.

Conventional grip or Fingertip grip
Conventional grip or Fingertip grip

Your custom bowling ball


When you determine the weight and cover stock, weight, and size to fit your needs, you can order a customized bowling ball online or at the local bowling shop.

If you are buying a customized ball, find your drill layout.

Holes that are personalized will give you more control and decrease the percentage of potential injury.

If it is your first time having a personalized bowling ball drilled by your hand’s measures, maybe you will feel that it doesn’t fit you as it should.

Usual balls that are ”standard” drilled are more expensive than this order.

You will need little practice, but your new ball will be more comfortable and controllable than others.

Maintain your bowling ball


Before you determine how to maintain and care for your bowling ball, you need to know what kind of finish your ball has.

Ere are two types of coverstock: one that is sanded and polished.

Combinations are endless, and you can find unique ones depending on the finishing procedures.

The sanded finish is a rough surface, and it produces more friction—this kind of ball hooks toward the end of the slippery lane.

Polished finish – this type of bowling ball surface makes the ball go further down the lane. Resurfacing bowling ball

The main point of the maintenance of the ball is the period of resurfacing.

Resurfacing the ball is essential. Pores get scuffed, and restoration gets them in shape again.

It would be best to keep the ball clean of the dirt and oil—any damage lower your ball’s performance.

The Bowling ball gets debris and scuff marks, and resurfacing soothes the ball again. You can control her when the ball is in perfect condition, especially if you play hooks and not just straight throwing.

It would be best if you had consistency and predictability on the lane.

When is it time to resurface your bowling ball?


Maybe you don’t know when is the time to get your ball resurfaced. You should pay attention to your ball condition, and you will see changes in her.

If you see signs of wear and tear, it is time to get it resurfaced.

Especially pay attention to the ball’s track point. When that place starts to look washed and not that shiny, it is time to get it done.

You can resurface as many times as the ball name is readable when it washes off that it is time to consider buying a new one.

How to clean and resurface a bowling ball at home?

How to clean and resurface a bowling ball at home?

There is a list of the equipment you will need to do at home as a professional.

Sanding agent for the bowling balls – use the materials you can find. Sia sanding papers are the best. Some bowlers use sandpaper or 3M Scotch-Brite pads.

Bowling ball spinner – spinners make it easy when resurfacing your bowling ball.

Polish and cleaner – these products will ensure that your bowling ball is completely clean.

You are polishing pads and towels – adding polisher and cleaner detergent on your ball.

Water – you will need water to rinse sanding pads and wash the ball.

No matter what material you have chosen, size and weight, your bowling ball should be personalized to have the right feeling and, make hooks, and straight lines and get your ball to its best speed and performance.

Get your new bowling ball drilled and maintain her as scheduled.

You have simple tips and recommendations on when and how you should clean it or take it to the professionals and the time for a new one.

Follow our guidelines for purchasing a bowling ball, and you will have a perfect fit in your bowling bag.

Simple tips for cleaning bowling ball


After every bowel – clean your coverstock with ball cleaner (this will reduce oil from the lane absorption).

After ten games – use sanded coverstock to re-polish your bowling ball.

After 30 games – use liquid dish detergent and clean the ball. Choose one with degreasing agents.

After 60 games – take your ball to the bowling shop and get it fully resurfaced.

How to Pick a Bowling Ball | Bowling Tips


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