Types of Bowling Balls: Ultimate Guide for 2021

Types of Bowling Balls: Ultimate Guide for 2022

Having the right bowling balls significantly improves your bowling way. You might find it difficult to pick the right balls if you’re a starter since they come in various types and sizes.

The most vital part that you’d consider has the correct ball weight.

According to some people, the right ball should be around 10 percent of your full body weight.

Additionally, a wide range of professional bowlers uses 16 pounds balls.

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So, which are the bowling balls types that you can find on the market these days?

When choosing the right bowling balls, you have to know that bowling balls come in different cover stock designs, materials, and weight block shapes.

Therefore, you have to pick the right bowling balls to get the top performance in the lane.

Let’s check about the different types of blowing balls available in the market.

We have looked at the inside of the bowling ball in some details, but separates the balls of these days is cover stock.

There’re four main types of cover stock, Urethane, Plastic, particle, and Reactive Resin.

Plastic Bowling Ball

Polyester bowling balls are the resent aggressive bowling balls on the market these days. And they have the least hook strength. This is because they make very little friction with the lane. After all, it is very much harder and less porous. They can be quite famous as entry-level bowling balls because they are relatively low and quite simple to control.

Plastic cover stocks can come in particularly useful when you need to knock down spares, just because spares are often best taken down with a straight bowling ball rather than with a hook.

Urethane Ball

Urethane bowling balls are fine energy-level balls. Unlike their plastic counterparts, though, they’re best suited for any bowlers who love to throw a hook ball. In terms of their hook performance, urethane bowling balls land somewhat in the middle of polyester bowling balls and reactive resin. And their on-lane motion is quite effortless to predict.

They tend to a slightly more costly than other bowling balls but are still available at reasonable prices. Despite being around since the 80s, and the advent of newer tech in bowling balls, urethane bowling balls are still famous today, and most brands will supply them. Even professional bowlers use them, especially those with top rev rates.

Reactive Resin

These are the best balls for an intermediate and advanced player looking forward to additional hook ability.

The cover stock of these bowling balls is less durable as compared to Plastic and Urethane bowling balls.

Though, the bowling balls give hook potential friction and fine pin action.

The bowling balls make high friction, making them sensitive to lane conditions and difficult to manage.

These bowling balls are available in 3 different types which including the following.

  • Reactive solid
  • Reactive hybrid
  • Reactive pearl

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Particle Bowling Ball

Particle cover stocks are pretty much like reactive resin balls, but with singe huge difference.

There’re microscopic elements of the material present made to reach through the oily conditioner on the bowling balls lane to make more responsive contact with the lane areas.

So, now you understand the different types of bowling balls, Lets’ get down to further nitty-gritty and discuss how to pick your bowling balls.

Weight Block Types

  • Symmetrical Balls

This is 2 piece bowling ball that has intermediate strength.

They also have a little low flare potential, meaning they’ve less hook at the breaking point.

Therefore, these bowling balls are ideal for players who intend to bowl or direr lanes or wish to throw a low-speed ball since they provide an easier arc motion.

  • High-Mass Balls

These bowling balls are also known as pancake type, and they make sure that the ball does not get in a heavy roll.

The bowling balls feature a thin layer that has a huge filler material.

One part of the bowling ball is heavier as an outcome, making them have a hook strength and low lane flare.

  • Asymmetrical Balls

Almost every type of drilled bowling ball is regarded as an asymmetrical ball because they’ve additional weight distribution.

They have heavier marks as compared to others hence rapidly to friction.

You can get the top performance from these bowling balls, depending on the material of the cover stock.

For example, an aggressive cover stock gives more aggressive hooking bowling balls in the heavily linked lane on the other side.

Less aggressive cover stock in drier lanes lets the bowling ball cover more distance and offers a precise hook.

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How to choose the right bowling balls?

Now that you understand the different types of bowling balls available in the market these days, you’d also know some vital considerations you’ve in mind before purchasing.

But first, the most vital part that you’d know is that choosing the right bowling ball depend on your personal skills and requirements.

Several types of bowling balls cater to different players.

Therefore, you have to find your playing way to get a bowling ball that matches your requirements.

Also, consider the following advice before you make your final purchase:

  • Size of the ball
  • Weight of the balls
  • Price and brand
  • Type of cover stock

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Final Verdict

Whether you’re a professional or beginner bowler, buying the right type of bowling balls is vital to boost your performance.

Therefore, if you were wondering a few of the different types of balls to purchase, I believe you have a proper idea from the types of bowling balls mentioned above.

Depending on your personal needs and style, you can choose the most suitable type of ball to match your needs.

I would also recommend you carefully read various reviews to find the best bowling ball you can buy on the market these days.

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The Different Types of Bowling Balls for Bowlers

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