7 best bowling balls reviews 2020

7 best bowling balls reviews 2020

Bowling is a popular recreational activity and target sport that has many players and fans. Bowling can be in variations; pin bowling and target bowling.

Top 7 Best Bowling Balls Reviews 2020


Bowling balls also come in different shapes. Bowling ball is a hard spherical ball that knocks down bowling pins.


Ten-pin balls


This type of bowling balls has few requirements: weight – 7.3 kg; diameter of the ball is 21.59 – 21.83cm; surface properties, hole limitations, and markings.

Holes are drilled for conventional grip, fingertip grip, or standard grips.

Finger drill inserts are custom-fit urethane tubes. Ball surface has spikes and pores that provide higher friction in the lanes, the smooth ball tends to glide and has more excellent frictional contact and promoting sharper hook down the lane.

Duckpin bowling balls


Requirements of this ball: diameter 12.1 – 12.7cm; weigh 1.5 – 1.7 kg; they do not contain finger holes.

These balls are used for mini ten-pin bowling like arcades.

Five-pin bowling balls


These balls are the same as duckpin balls.

Candlepin bowling balls


Candlepin balls requirements: weights 1.0 – 1.1 kg with a diameter of 11 cm.

These bowling balls deflect upon impact at a high level.

Top Best Bowling Balls Reviews 2020
Top Best Bowling Balls Reviews 2020

How to choose the best bowling ball:


Finger hole position – Finger holes are essential because they will determine the technique of your playing style.

Holes are made after the purchasing of the ball. Try bowling balls in the recreational center to determine your style and best holes placement.

Weight – Try balls with different weights and you will find the perfect fit for you.

Core type – Core is an essential part of the bowling ball, beginners use pancake core; it is used for recreational balls. Symmetrical and asymmetrical cores are used in balls for the professionals. Balanced core provides you with the functional bowling ball, that doesn’t need much skill to bowl.

Finishing – The coating of the ball is vital for the durability of the ball.


Brunswick bowling balls


Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball
Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


Brunswick bowling balls come in various color options so you can choose from, the blue color is the main in the Brunswick design.

Balls of this company come in different sizes and weights, depending on your bowling skill.

If you want a ball that has the quality and excellent performance skills and you want the durable one this is the one for you.

If you are a beginner, you can control this one quickly and if you need a spare but affordable ball, this is great to add to your collection.

Coverstock bowling ball is made of polyester and has a high shine finish that works well with all lane conditions.

The high polished end of the ball makes it consistent in the trajectory.

This ball eliminates hooking and goes in a straight line. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space ball is an excellent choice for beginners.

Because of the preferences and design, this ball is great for children and recreational players. Depending on the style, weight, and size of this ball can perfectly fit children’s hand.

If you are a beginner this ball has a consistency that you can follow with other Brunswick balls when you get in advanced stages.

The core of the ball is TZone Bullet with polyester coverstock and cover type with Crown Factory polish finish.

The reaction shape strength number is at 99 of 100 scales.

Brunswick has different drilling layouts depending on player needs. Drilling variables include the speed of the ball, rev rate, axis rotation, tilt and conditions of the playing lane.

This ball is perfect for a spare ball for intermediate and expert players that need straight shot and finish frames off.

Low hook potential and symmetrical core lead to unparalleled length on the lane.

Accuracy is lowered on the dense oiled and inconsistent oil terrains.

Weight of this ball sports RG of 2.175 and differential of 0.019 and easily gets high speed which can lead to overall accuracy losses on oil lanes.

Cover stock is built of tripartite piece polyester that shows in a balance between durability and lightweight construction.

Polyester is impact resistant and hard to damage the material.

Core is symmetric and provides lane length and control in setting up straight-line shots.

The hook point is shallow. This ball picks up speed smoothly.

This bowling ball is a great spare ball for the players that know how to play through the limitations of the ball.

Limits that it has can be put in favor of durability and line accuracy.

This ball will fit you perfectly if you want a spare ball without thinking much that can work well on any line.

This ball is performance and quality wised perfect for beginners that are affordable.

This ball comes in ten different designs: Arctic Blast; Caribbean Blue; Deep Space; Gold Envy; Green Envy; Green/Purple/Gold; Indigo Swirl; Patriot Blaze; Pink Bliss; Scarlet Shadow.

Features of the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling ball:

– polished finish, polyester material

– high level of intermediate differential

– different sizes and weights

– various styles

– undrilled ball

– one year warranty


Brunswick Rhino bowling ball

Brunswick Rhino bowling ball
Brunswick Rhino bowling ball


Like the other Brunswick balls, this Rhino ball comes in different styles and colors.

Rhino Brunswick ball is excellent for the beginner’s ball, but it is not responsive on surfaces that are dry or oily.

Over the Rino ball, you have full control, it is comfortable and you can quickly hook it.

Rhino ball offers you a balance between power, control, and consistent reaction because of the lightweight.

Rhino bowling ball is adaptable to go through different surfaces without sacrificing technique or strategy.

Soft arc allows making straight moves and curves on the lane.

This bowling ball is a great one to start. A symmetric way of production makes it versatile and great to learn bowling basics.

It is effortless to control and has great hooking abilities with its smooth surface.

You can easily navigate it through various patterns; it slides smoothly and pins hard.

It is an excellent choice for light and medium shots with straight moves.

Coverstock is material that covers ball and enhances its durability.

Coverstock material absorbs oil from the lane and makes it easy for the ball to slide.

Strong cover and core of the ball make it work on oily and dry lane conditions because they reduce the sensitivity of the ball.

On dry lane at the exit point ball turns left smoothly without bouncing and gives you massive arc.

Smooth arcing roll allows the ball to go wide without jumping. Brunswick bowling balls are made using low differential.

A low differential in making balls prevents them from overacting on dry lanes.

Because of this way of making balls remain steady for long on the lane because friction does not affect quickly.

Rhino bowling balls are medium weight. Weight is a turning point in your bowling style.

It prevents the ball from bouncing and makes a continuous path no matter the speed.

Medium weight works better than light balls, you can easily find balance with Rhino ball.

You can achieve powerful release and the ball will have power and speed through the whole lane.

Light bulb core shape and reactive coverstock enhance the movement giving it great pin action that increases odds for scoring.

This ball is created on USBC standards and has R-16 Coverstock finish.

With this finish, Rhino bowling ball works great on light and medium oil lanes and provides backend hook motion and a perfect length.

Rhino ball is light bulb shaped that enhances the motion.

Blue Rhino bowling ball has one unique specification; this ball has some kind of holes on its surface.

Those holes are called pitch. Pitch will make your bowling ball secured in grip and will boost its performance and speed.

They increase the comfort level of usage.

This type of Brunswick ball comes in different styles; you can get it in designs that are in black pearl, silver, blue and pink color.


Features of the Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball:


– USBC standards production-based

– R-16 Coverstock finish

– lightweight

– various styles

– reactive smart ball


Pyramid path bowling ball

Pyramid path bowling ball
Pyramid path bowling ball


This bowling ball has affordable prices and is one of the best bowling balls on the list.

Pyramid ball has plastic finish Coverstock that goes in a straight line.

Pyramid bowling ball is the perfect beginner’s ball because of the pressure that it gives on a hook and various sizes to fit all.

No matter your playing style, if you are a striker or you are two-handed this ball will fit your needs.

Pyramid path bowling ball roles the best on the medium and medium dry lanes.

This ball gives you versatile ball motion at an affordable price.

Pyramid core is constructed in 139 symmetric and has multiple drilling possibilities that make this ball strong and reliable that go well on the medium-dry lanes.

The ball can be drilled in the way to have a secure backend so you can hook hard.

Core material New Era 139 and way of finishing allows to make various drilling options. It is designed by USBC standards what ensures an excellent grip.

This ball is developed with high technology that follows conditions of the lane and has developed preferences to achieve speed and line.

Cover stock made of polyester, plastic is for players that always throw straight, if you like to play on hooks or you want to learn how to throw them pick a bowling ball that has a cover stock made of urethane material that has reactive resins.

The polyester coverstock is durable. The material of coverstock helps your performance.

The polyester coverstock is great on the dry lanes. This type of coverstock is excellent for throwing straight shots. Straight throwing on the lane is the first thing to learn for the beginners.

In a wide range of sizes of Pyramid path ball, every player from beginner to advanced will find a match.

It is a smart bowling ball; this ball can adjust to your possibilities.

No matter how good you play, what your skills are, or your age, this ball will be a great match.

Pyramid Path comes undrilled so you can personalize it to fit you perfectly.

Holes that are drilled on order makes your moves higher efficient and your movements safer.

Pyramid path comes in various designs: aqua and silver, black and orange, black and silver, blue-black and white, emerald lime and yellow, hot pink and lime green, pink and black. Some of the designs are backlight reflective.

This ball is a high-quality bowling ball that comes with a great price and two years warranty.

It is a perfect first ball for practice and recreational bowling or a tremendous spare ball.

If you are looking for a quality ball that you will have for years and use it with your family or friends, this is a perfect match for you.

It is made to fit from kids and amateurs to professional players and adults.


Features of the Pyramid path Bowling Ball:


– modern design

– USBC standards production-based

– two-year warranty

– 150 grit polished finished

– Coverstock plastic finish

– variety of sizes


Roto Grip Halo Vision bowling ball

Roto Grip Halo Vision bowling ball
Roto Grip Halo Vision bowling ball

Roto Grip provides innovation in the bowling ball world; their goal is to improve the game and make way for the new tactics.

Precise moves and style of the game and the bowling ball are their main priorities.

Halo Vision is a new addition to the Halo series of the bowling balls; it is a hybrid covered ball with the 4000 grit finish.

Halo Vision is the third ball that is made with Roto Grip HP4 using the asymmetrical Centrum design of the core.

ETrax H 19 is the hybrid reactive coverstock that is combined with the high grit finish. The surface of the ball is rough and goes smoothly on the oiled lanes.

This combination makes the ball go further and it gets more angularity than the previously released balls.

Aggressive core and flare potential that this ball has made it great to use on oily lanes where the ball goes clean through the front but breaks earlier.

Halo Vision bowling ball is a versatile ball that has high performances.

The centrum core that this ball contains is one of the best asymmetric cores on the market.

It makes the ball versatile and robust, coverstock motion is great and allows you a lot of movement.

When the ball gets to the friction point it is predictable, secure, and continuous and gives you more angle on the back end.

This ball because of her and materials that are used on her has high movement abilities.

Halo Vision can move around the different parts of the lane but it is stable at the same time and has excellent friction reaction.

Halo Vision is a perfect ball for you if you like medium and heavy oil lanes.

It is best on the high oiled terrains but works well on common ones if you are more skilled in managing her.

Asymmetric of the shape gives the ball defined direction changes that are smoothed with its cover.

Midlane control is a great benefit in combination with the down lane motion.

This is a mighty bowling ball that is strong and has high down lane pop, so it is sharper in movement.

Halo Vision bowling ball comes in gold and sky blue pearl design and the solid purple color.

Features of the Roto Grip Halo Vision bowling ball:

– centrum core

– coverstock eTrax-H19 Hybrid reactive

– finish: 4000 grit pad

– high hook potential



Track Heat Lava bowling ball

Track Heat Lava bowling ball
Track Heat Lava bowling ball

Track bowling balls are adaptable balls that come in different weights, cores, coverstock, and various designs.

Because of the many different options, they will be a perfect fit no matter what kind your other balls are.

Modified tri-core that this ball has given it more range and flexibility than other balls have.

Lava ball has a low differential point and medium RG, it is the best choice to use on the medium oily lanes.

This ball makes a lot of energy, energetic backend, and a consistent path down the lane.

Track Heat Lava bowling ball creates a long length on the lane and generates motion while going to the end.

Heat Lava bowling ball has lowered flare potential and strong cover. QR-7 Pearl coverstock has a polished finish and in combination with the Modified tri-core, gives more versatility to the use.

This bowling ball works on the medium and light oily lanes.

Heat Lava is a big bowling ball that has excellent performances that come at an affordable price.

This is a ball for the players that love a reliable ball that will go straight down the lane and make points.

Control the ball and you will have her make shapes through the lane like no other ball on the market.

Choose your holes pattern layout and drill the ball to fit your needs.

Heat Lava comes from a famous collection of the balls and it is the strongest one.

This ball has one design that is called Lava Sparkle.

Features of the Track Heat Lava bowling ball:

– Modified tri-core

– QR 7 Pearl coverstock

– medium and light oil lanes

– Abralon polished finish


Ebonite Futura bowling ball

Ebonite Futura bowling ball
Ebonite Futura bowling ball

Ebonite is continually working on new ways to make bowling balls better and stronger, to sharpen up their preferences.

Ebonite Futura ball is made with the latest coverstock innovation.

GSV 1 HYbrid Shell coverstock is the news in the coverstock section that is paired up with the block weight symmetrical Futura HD core.

Because the design of the ball and high density of the core material mass is shifted from the center of the ball core along with the X-axis so the RG motion is low, but backend continuation is increased.

This ball is by her design and high finish perfect ball for the medium to heavy oiled lanes. On the lane, this ball comes to the friction little soon and has a bit more back end but it is stable at the pink deck.

She goes with the ease on the fronts and cleans them easily and has strong back end motion; she flows with the excellent continuation.

Futura has a predictable line and high power at the hitting point. Choose it for medium and high oiled lanes; this bowling ball will go smoothly through them, catch the great speed and hit hard at the end of the lane.

There is no sign of the pop or jumping if you use it on these lanes.

If you need the ball that will make a great shape that is not too sharp if the terrain is high oiled and you miss this is the choice.

This is a powerful ball with high speed and energy.

This ball comes in purple, black and silver style.

Features of the Ebonite Futura bowling ball:

– Futura HD core

– GSV 1 Hybrid innovative coverstock

– 500 Abralon finish


DV8 Night Prowler bowling ball

DV8 Night Prowler bowling ball
DV8 Night Prowler bowling ball


If you need a serious bowling ball, this is the one for you. Fierce design of the ball is followed with great performances.

Night Prowler has asymmetrical Divergent core like the previous Prowlers.

In making this ball is used new Brunswick’s durability optimization technology (DOT) and unique filler material that is called Dynamic Core.

A shell of this bowling ball is new technology N Forcer SF that has reactive pearl formulation.

The smart cover makes the ball go further and at the friction, the point gets high speed and power. 500 Sia Air and Crown Factory Compound is the finish of the ball that makes her glide smoothly through the lane. DV8 Night Prowler is a ball that works well on the medium oily lanes.

Durability optimization technology is patent-pending advancement; it enhances the durability of the ball.

Dynamic Core is a durable material that contributes to less compression upon the impact that is increasing hitting power.

If you are looking for quality and a strong ball that has excellent performances at the friction point, which you can control this is the ball.

This ball comes in the high design style in the onyx and sterling silver colors.

Features of the DV8 Night Prowler bowling ball:

– smart cover pearl reactive

– 500 Sia Air finish

– medium oil lane conditions

– four-year warranty


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