Bowling balls with the most hook potential

Bowling balls with the most hook potential

If you are just a beginner, maybe you are not sure what the hook means. Hook potential is the number of the boards that one ball covers relative to another.

A hook is a ball that rolls in the curving pattern. Hook gives the ball angle, 1 to 3 pocket is for people that roll with the right hand and 1 to 2 pocket is for the left-handers.

Hooking the ball makes more speed and force, this type of bowling play makes strikes with less precise bowling.

A hook is useful if lanes are oily or challenging for the player.

Hook potential of the ball is one of the factors while buying. The degree of the hook affects the game and ball movement on the lane.

If you have a bowling ball with the hook potential it will help to improve your game. It will bring you more strikes.

Performances of the bowling ball are very important, not just hook potential but also size, weight, coverstock and personalized drilled holes.

Bellow, you will find the best bowling balls for hook moves in 2020. that has innovative technology, best performances and high quality of the production.

We have picked for you the best bowling balls for hook strategy playing that are all special in some preferences.

Best Bowling Ball for Hook 2020


Motiv Forge Bowling Ball


Motiv Forge bowling ball
Motiv Forge bowling ball

This ball is designed for the smooth moves on the medium-heavy oiled lanes. Because of the combination of a reverb outer core that is surrounded with the Motiv specially designed Detonator core this Motiv Forge bowling ball has great power.

Forge gives you great control and has a big hook potential of the way that is designed. Coverstock of this bowling ball has big-hitting power and good traction because of the way that core is designed. The coverstock of the bowling ball is strong symmetrical.

Coercion HFS coverstock has sanded 3000 grit finish. Symmetrical Detonator core has a low RG and a high differential. Hitting power of this ball is very strong while the cover keeps balls from pushing too far on the lane. A strong arc that ball makes is great and strong because of coverstock materials.

Motiv’s outer core is Reverb material that makes massive pin hitting power high.

The coverstock traction is great on the oiled lanes, makes a smooth reaction to the friction and great continuation.

All of the elements provide strong traction in the middle of the lane and a continuous back end motion.

Try this ball if you want a strong ball that works in the hook motion.


Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball


Hammer black widow bowling ball
Hammer black widow bowling ball

This spare, polyester bowling ball has great power. It has a Hammer Gas mask core with the high shine polyester coverstock.

Those preferences give the bowling ball much more of a core and hook motion.

Depending on the weight of the ball, lighter ones have pancake core and the Gas mask core that has extra coverstock is used on the heavier ones.

The finish of the ball is 800, 1000, or 2000 Abralon polish and it comes with 2.48 RG.

This Hammer black widow bowling ball is for the light oiled lanes, it goes smoothly and plays hooks easily.

Because of the asymmetrical core that has shiny polyester coverstock this ball creates great track flare.

This ball easily goes through the front and makes the move in the back.

Black widow is the perfect choice for a spare bowling ball when the lanes get dry and you need to play few corner pins.

Gas mask technology makes the bowling ball flip right before it will hit the pins and creates a drive in the pocket without making deflection.

If you need an extra one ball that will play on the dry lane and make that last extra point this is the perfect ball for the game.


Brunswick Quantum Bias Bowling Ball


Brunswick Quantum Bias bowling ball
Brunswick Quantum Bias bowling ball

This ball has a very clean design and style, it is wholly white and it is not just for the aesthetics.

That white color of the overstock has its purpose.

A white pigment that is used for the color that is mixed in the coverstock finish of this ball has a special traction additive that can be found just in this coloring pigment.

This ball has 500 Sia Air Micro Pad and RG at 2.563 with the differential on 0.052.

Quantum Bias bowling ball has innovative and unique technology that gives a special way of performing on the lane.

This ball has asymmetric Quantum Mushroom high RG  ECA XR shell core and quantum line up.

These preferences give this ball high hook potential and pin carry. Brunswick Quantum Bias bowling ball is made for heavy oiled lanes.

This ball is sensitive to the position of the drilled holes, holes can affect the shape of the ball and it’s performances.

Take your ball to the professional bowling service to make personalized holes on it.

With the smart innovation technology that this ball has, it will surely be one of the best hook bowling balls in the bowling ball alley that you can find.


Hammer Rip’d Solid Bowling Ball


Hammer Rip’d Solid bowling ball
Hammer Rip’d Solid bowling ball

Hammer Rip’d bowling ball is a ball that is made for heavy oiled lanes.

This is a very sensitive ball with a high reaction response. Hammer has developed two bowling balls of this style, Hammer Rip’d and Hammer Rip’d solid.

These bowling balls have Aggression CFI coverstock with the 500, 1000, 2000 Abralon finish, and RG at 2.486 and differential on 0.054.

Rip’d ball has a hybrid coverstock that is reactive while the Rip’d Solid has solid reactive coverstock.

These bowling balls from the Hammer have the strongest hook on the market. If you are looking for the bowling ball that will make strong hook movement on the lane this is a perfect choice for you.

Hammer Rip’d and Rip’d Solid bowling balls are made of the heavy oiled lanes.

Both of the Hammer balls have low RG and high differential that is paired with the asymmetrical core design.

Cover on these bowling balls is sanded. While on the lanes balls have modest length and angle of the breakpoint with a strong recovery and continuation.

If you would like a strong bowling ball that will have a great hook movement choose one of the Hammer bowling balls Rip’d Solid or Hammer Rip’d.


Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy Bowling Ball


Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy bowling ball
Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy bowling ball

This ball is made from high-end polyester that provides lightweight, higher density, and structurally sounds with the impact-resistant surface.

Low-density mass is achieved with the ultra-rigid layer that renders high impact resistance.

The weight block of the bowling ball is close to the outer shell that maintains overall structural integrity.

The technique of manufacturing this ball has lopes that create enhanced gyroscopic steering.

Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy bowling ball is great for sharp hook motion without wobbling.

This ball has an asymmetric Tzone core that maintains a straight trajectory in the first part on the lane.

It has increased weight density on the spin axis that reduces inertia. Green Envy bowling ball has structural stability on the lane that ensures high scores.

Tzone bowling ball creates controlled departure and you don’t have to carve out hooks and curves with rolls.

It has a perfect radius of gyration and stable motion that reduces skid and delays. Ball constantly follows a curve.

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