Bowling Ball Selector Tool

Bowling Ball Selector Tool

It is vital to know that big manufacturers such as Hammer, storm, Ebonite, Pyramid, RotoGrip, Columbia 300, DV8, and Brunswick have emphasized developing well-balanced lines of best-performance bowling balls, including versatility in design and ball response capabilities.

Excellent New Tool Helps You Choose the Right Bowling Ball


The most famous ball weight selection with adult bowlers is fifteen lbs on the high end, fourteen lbs for some juniors, women, or senior bowlers, and down to twelve lbs for those who struggle to manage higher weighted weights bowling balls.

Leading brand bowling balls maintain the best integrity in the core design. The coverstock standard ranges from twelve lbs to sixteen lbs, the highest allocated weight accessible at any weight.

If a ball fits you rightly, it can be shocking how possible handling a pound or extra in weight.

As a rule, the producer will offer versatility and performance at various price points, from entry-level balls for beginning bowlers or for use in dry lane situations to the highest performance balls, which provide powerful ball reactions and match well with heavy oil situations.

Matching a new ball to the lane situations is finding a coverstock for medium-dry or oily lane situations.

If most frequently encounter dry lanes, pick a stiff or pearl coverstock so the ball will slide in the lane’s front end.

If the lane has heavy or medium oil on the front end, picking a powerful coverstock will raise gripping action and is likely an excellent choice.

How To Choose The Right Bowling Ball

The RG rating is a factor developed in the principal design phase of the engineering process and determines how fast a ball will pick up its powerful rolling pattern.

Low RG-rated balls will roll sooner and more powerful on the front of the lane matching well with heavy oil.

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Bowling Ball Selector Tool

Determining to purchase your first ever bowling ball means you’ve got some severe hunger for the sport. Loving the game, you will find that the choices and factors can seem overwhelming. With the perfect bowling ball selector tool, you can get a ball that will make you smile and knock down more pins.

If you are trying to pick the best bowling ball for yourself, read this entire article to learn more about the best bowling ball sector tools that will help you get the best one available in the market.

It’s essential to understand that in the last few years, the top manufacturers, for example, Storm, Ebonite, Brunswick, Roto Grip, DV8, Pyramid, Columbia 300, and Hammer, have made great focus on creating well-balanced sequences of highest-performance bowling balls together with versatility ball reaction capabilities and in design.

You can know how to pick the right bowling balls without sacrificing performance or quality by assessing the keys to your effective selection procedure.

Bowling Ball Selector Tool For Selecting The Best One

There are a few factors or bowling ball selector tools to look at that will help you to make the best decision.

Strengths Of The Bowling Ball

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As a bowling ball bowler, you must consider your strength and size. A prevailing rule is that your bowling ball must be of a certain weight that you can pick up comfortably, swing, and roll for a minimum of 3 games without undue fatigue or strain.

More precisely, take your house ball that can handle several games comfortably and add 1 or 2 pounds. This usually’s approximately 10% of your whole body weight. However, the weight should not be more than 16 pounds.

The house balls feature perfect finger hole sizes and positions and need more strength and effort on your part to throw with them. You can manage a weightier well-fitted ball.

If you’re a fast bowler, you may want a bowling ball with a more petite skid at the front part of the pitch. This would mean a rougher, duller coverstock.

If you are a bowler who throws slower balls, then you need the slicker skid with the shiny polish to keep the energy as soon as the ball hits the pins.

When you’re correct with bowling directly at the pins, then even a plastic bowling ball will do the job. However, a reactive resin beginning-level ball will offer you the best result when you’re an avid beginner.

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Weight Of The Bowling Ball

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Another bowling ball selector tool or factor is to check the weight of the bowling ball. This is among the most popular method of selection. The ball weight should be at least 15 pounds for an adult bowler and 14 pounds for women, senior bowlers, or juniors, and even down to 12 pounds for those bowlers who are struggling to control higher weighted balls.

Top bowling ball producers maintain adequate integrity in the coverstock quality and core design at any of the weight varieties from 12 pounds to 16 pounds as the highest allotted weight obtainable. In case a ball fits you appropriately, it can be incredible how handling one or two-pound excess in weight is okay.

Goals Of Your Bowling Ball

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You must step up to an enthusiastic resin or a urethane ball to improve your play. If you’re staying with your house ball design bowling, adding league play, and not sports practices, then a urethane bowling ball will offer you a gradual, gentle hooking capacity.

When you ultimately wish to work with the latest techniques and equipment, the front-level reactive resin bowling ball will form you.

Hook Potentiality

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Hook potentiality is classified by the RG rating (radius of gyration) and flare potentiality rating. The producers of the ball deliver top-performance bowling balls. Find a bowling ball with a 6″ flare potentiality rating or higher if you want to see the most potent possible backend reaction.

On the other hand, if you need a more reasonable back-end reaction, get a ball with 4 inches to 5 inches medium flare potentiality rating. In case you need a bowling ball having a very subtle back-end reaction in your ball, then a low flare potentiality rating will serve your requirements best.

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Surface Of The Ball

How to Control the Speed of a Bowling Ball - Bowling for Beginners

If you tend to throw your bowling ball very hard, you would perhaps be better fitted with a ball with a matte finish or dull surface. However, if you throw your bowling ball very slowly, a better selection would be a polished surface ball.

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How To Understand What Bowling Ball Is Required In Your Arsenal?

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If you’re trying to add a bowling ball to your existing arsenal, you must first decide what is missing from your current bowling ball. Does your existing bowling ball hook too much? Or not sufficiently? If your existing ball hooks too much, seek a symmetric core or shiny ball. If your bowling ball hooks too little, seek a matte finish, duller bowling ball, a high differential core, or asymmetric bowling ball.

For your league play, only if your ball speed is deficient or the rev rate is exceptionally high will a medium surface with asymmetrical core work for you the best.

And when you go for tournament play, if you must choose one kind of bowling ball to provide you with a constant ball reaction on most sports pattern conditions, then your best selection would be symmetric bowling balls with a polished reactive surface. If you are bowling on a heavy, more extended oil sport design, a fierce matte finish cover will react the best for you.


Not every bowling balls work in every lane situation. If you expect your sport to get better and become competitive in tournament or league lane conditions, you’ll need to create your arsenal near the next bowling ball for your play.

You can also consult your shop professional and instructor to know specific brands and models of balls as soon as you consider buying your next bowling ball.

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