where can you buy bowling shoes
where can you buy bowling shoes

Looking to step up your game on the bowling alley? Well, don’t fret, because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll guide you through the exciting world of bowling shoes and spill the beans on the best places to buy them. Whether you’re a casual bowler or a seasoned pro, finding the perfect pair of bowling shoes is essential for achieving those strikes and spares. So, join us as we explore the various options and uncover some hidden gems where you can snag these stylish and functional kicks for your next bowling session!

Physical Sporting Goods Stores

When it comes to buying bowling shoes, physical sporting goods stores are a popular option. These stores typically offer a wide range of sports equipment, including bowling shoes. One advantage of shopping at these stores is that you can try on the shoes in person to ensure the perfect fit. Additionally, the staff at these stores can provide valuable guidance and advice to help you choose the right pair of bowling shoes for your needs.

Large Chain Stores

Large chain stores, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority, are often go-to options for purchasing bowling shoes. These stores have extensive selections of sports equipment, including bowling shoes, for both casual and serious bowlers. Many large chain stores also offer discounts and promotions, making it possible to find a great deal on a pair of bowling shoes.

Specialty Sporting Goods Stores

For bowling enthusiasts looking for a more specialized shopping experience, specialty sporting goods stores are an excellent choice. These stores focus on catering to specific sports, including bowling. The advantage of shopping at a specialty store is that they typically have a more extensive selection of bowling shoes, including options for professional bowlers and those with unique footwear needs.

Online Retailers

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become increasingly popular. When it comes to bowling shoes, there are various online retailers to choose from. One of the advantages of shopping online is the convenience – you can browse and purchase bowling shoes from the comfort of your own home. Let’s explore two types of online retailers where you can buy bowling shoes.

Large Online Retailers

Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay feature a vast range of bowling shoes from various brands and sellers. These platforms make it easy to compare prices, read customer reviews, and find the perfect pair of bowling shoes that meet your requirements. Additionally, many large online retailers offer fast shipping and hassle-free returns, providing customers with a seamless purchasing experience.

Specialty Bowling Retailers

Specialty bowling retailers are online stores that solely focus on bowling equipment, including bowling shoes. These retailers offer a wide selection of bowling shoes designed specifically for the sport. When purchasing from a specialty bowling retailer, you can expect to find high-quality shoes that cater to both casual and competitive bowlers. Moreover, these stores often provide detailed product descriptions and sizing guides to help you make an informed decision.

Bowling Pro Shops

Bowling pro shops are another excellent option for purchasing bowling shoes. These shops can be found within bowling alleys and are dedicated to serving bowlers’ needs. Let’s explore the different types of bowling pro shops available.

Pro Shops in Bowling Alleys

Many bowling alleys have their pro shops on-site, making it convenient for bowlers to find and purchase bowling shoes. These pro shops are typically run by experienced bowlers who can offer valuable insights and advice. One advantage of purchasing from a pro shop within a bowling alley is that you can try on the shoes and even have them custom-fitted to ensure optimum performance on the lanes.

Independent Pro Shops

Independent pro shops, on the other hand, operate outside of bowling alleys and are often small businesses owned by passionate bowlers. These pro shops cater specifically to the needs of serious and competitive bowlers, offering a wide range of high-quality bowling shoes. The advantage of buying from independent pro shops is the personalized attention and expertise you receive from the knowledgeable staff.

Secondhand Options

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option or prefer vintage bowling shoes, secondhand options may be worth considering. Let’s take a look at two popular secondhand options for purchasing bowling shoes.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a treasure trove for finding unique and affordable items, and bowling shoes are no exception. These stores often have a selection of gently used bowling shoes that have plenty of life left in them. While the availability may be unpredictable, visiting thrift stores regularly can lead to surprising finds at a fraction of the cost of new bowling shoes.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, can be excellent sources for buying secondhand bowling shoes. Many bowlers sell their gently used shoes on these platforms, offering you the opportunity to find a pair that fits your style and budget. Additionally, these online marketplaces often allow you to negotiate prices and communicate directly with the seller, ensuring a smooth buying experience.

Rentals and Borrowing

If you’re not ready to commit to purchasing bowling shoes or need them for a one-time event, renting or borrowing can be a viable option. Let’s explore two ways you can acquire bowling shoes temporarily.

Bowling Alleys

Most bowling alleys offer shoe rentals as part of their service. Whether you’re visiting for a casual game or attending a party, you can typically rent a pair of bowling shoes directly from the alley. While the rented shoes may not provide the same level of comfort and customization as owning your own pair, they are a convenient and cost-effective solution for occasional bowlers.

Friends and Family

If you have friends or family who are avid bowlers, consider borrowing their bowling shoes for your bowling ventures. This option is especially effective if you share similar shoe sizes. Borrowing not only saves you money but also allows you to try different types of bowling shoes without making a financial commitment. Just make sure to treat the borrowed shoes with care and return them promptly.

Considerations when Buying Bowling Shoes

When buying bowling shoes, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Let’s explore these factors to ensure you make an informed decision.

Style and Design

Bowling shoes come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from traditional and conservative to vibrant and modern. Choose a style that aligns with your personal taste and preferences so that you feel confident and comfortable on the lanes.


Price is an important consideration for many buyers. Determine your budget and look for bowling shoes within that range. While it’s essential to find a good deal, keep in mind that higher-quality shoes may come with a slightly higher price tag but can offer improved performance and durability.

Sizing and Fit

Finding the right size and fit is crucial for optimal comfort and performance. Pay attention to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer and read customer reviews for insights into the shoe’s fit. If possible, try on different sizes in person to ensure the perfect fit before making a purchase.


Bowling shoes are typically made from a combination of synthetic materials and leather. Consider the pros and cons of each material and choose the one that suits your preferences. Synthetic materials are often more affordable and require less maintenance, while leather shoes may offer better breathability and durability.


Durability is an essential factor to consider, especially if you plan to bowl frequently or competitively. Look for bowling shoes that are well-constructed and designed to withstand the rigors of the sport. Reading customer reviews and researching the reputation of the brand can provide valuable insights into the shoe’s durability.

In conclusion, there are several options available when it comes to buying bowling shoes. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping, the personalized attention of a pro shop, or the thrill of finding a hidden gem at a thrift store, there is a method that will cater to your needs and budget. Remember to consider factors such as style, price, sizing and fit, material, and durability to ensure you make the best choice for your bowling journey. Happy shopping and enjoy your time on the lanes!

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