is there a way to make a bowling ball lighter 3
is there a way to make a bowling ball lighter 3

Are you tired of struggling to lift that heavy bowling ball every time you hit the lanes? Well, we’ve got good news for you! In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of bowling ball technology and discover if there is indeed a way to make these hefty spheres a little lighter. So grab your favorite pair of bowling shoes and get ready to learn some game-changing tips and tricks to improve your bowling experience. Let’s dive right in!

Bowling Ball Weight and Importance

Bowling ball weight plays a crucial role in a bowler’s performance on the lanes. The weight of a bowling ball directly affects the trajectory, speed, and overall control of the ball. It is important for bowlers to understand the effects of bowling ball weight and the importance of finding the right weight for their individual comfort and style.

Effects of Bowling Ball Weight

The weight of a bowling ball significantly affects its motion on the lane. A heavier ball tends to initiate a stronger hook and has a greater potential for pin carry due to increased kinetic energy. On the other hand, a lighter ball may provide more control for bowlers who prefer a straighter shot or have difficulty generating power in their throws.

Importance of Bowler’s Comfort

Comfort is a vital factor in a bowler’s performance. The weight of the ball can greatly impact a bowler’s ability to repeat shots consistently, maintain proper form, and reduce the risk of injury. It is essential for bowlers to find a weight that allows them to comfortably hold, swing, and release the ball throughout their delivery without strain or discomfort.

Current Options to Adjust Bowling Ball Weight

Luckily, there are several options available to bowlers who wish to adjust the weight of their bowling balls. These options include drilling and plugging holes as well as using adjustable inserts.

Drilling and Plugging Holes

One common method to adjust the weight of a bowling ball is through the process of drilling and plugging holes. This allows the bowler to remove weight from specific areas of the ball to achieve their desired weight. The process involves careful calculation and coordination with a professional ball driller.

Using an Adjustable Insert

Some bowling balls come with inserts that can be adjusted to modify the weight of the ball. These inserts can be easily removed or added to the bowling ball, allowing bowlers to fine-tune the weight to their preference. This option provides flexibility and convenience for bowlers who want to experiment with different ball weights without permanently altering the core structure.

Is There A Way To Make A Bowling Ball Lighter?

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Materials Used in Bowling Balls

Bowling balls are made from a variety of materials, each with its own unique characteristics and performance attributes. The most common materials used in bowling balls are polyester, urethane, reactive resin, and particle.


Polyester bowling balls are known for their durability and affordability. They are often used by beginners and recreational bowlers. Polyester balls offer a straighter trajectory and are less likely to hook, making them a popular choice for spare shooting.


Urethane bowling balls provide more hook potential than polyester balls. They have a higher friction coefficient, allowing them to generate more traction on the lane. Urethane balls are favored by many advanced bowlers for their ability to create a controlled hook motion.

Reactive Resin

Reactive resin bowling balls are designed to maximize hook potential. They have a microscopically porous surface that creates friction with the lane, resulting in a strong hooking action. Reactive resin balls offer enhanced performance and are commonly used by competitive bowlers.


Particle bowling balls were popular in the past but are now less commonly used. They contain microscopic particles in the coverstock that increase the ball’s hook potential. Particle balls are known for their strong backend reaction and ability to create a significant angle into the pocket.

Techniques to Reduce Bowling Ball Weight

When it comes to reducing the weight of a bowling ball, there are a few techniques that can be utilized. These techniques include drilling out the core, altering the coverstock, and using lightweight materials.

1. Drilling Out the Core

Drilling out the core involves removing some material from the inner core of the bowling ball. This technique reduces the overall weight of the ball while maintaining the outer shape and coverstock. It is important to consult with a professional ball driller to ensure proper drilling techniques are used to maintain ball integrity.

2. Altering the Coverstock

Altering the coverstock of a bowling ball can also help reduce its weight. This can be achieved through sanding and polishing the ball surface, using a higher grit abrasive, or applying a lighter topcoat. By modifying the coverstock, bowlers can potentially decrease the ball’s weight without sacrificing performance.

3. Using Lightweight Materials

Advancements in material technology have led to the development of lightweight bowling ball options. These balls utilize lighter materials in their construction, such as carbon fiber or lightweight additives. By using these lightweight materials, bowlers can have a ball with reduced weight without compromising performance.

Is There A Way To Make A Bowling Ball Lighter?

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1. Drilling Out the Core

Drilling out the core of a bowling ball involves carefully removing material from the ball’s inner core. This technique allows for precise weight reduction without altering the outer appearance or coverstock of the ball.

Core Drilling Process

The core drilling process is typically performed by a professional ball driller who understands the intricacies of the ball’s construction. The driller will select specific areas of the core to remove material, taking into consideration the desired weight reduction and the impact on ball performance. It is crucial to strike a balance between weight reduction and maintaining the ball’s structural integrity.

Effects on Ball Performance

Drilling out the core can have various effects on a bowling ball’s performance. Reducing the weight of the core can lead to changes in ball reaction and hook potential. Depending on the ball’s original weight and design, drilling out the core can alter the overall dynamics of the ball’s motion. It is important for bowlers to experiment and understand the impact of core drilling on their game.

2. Altering the Coverstock

Altering the coverstock of a bowling ball is another technique that can be used to reduce its weight. This involves modifying the surface of the ball to achieve the desired weight reduction while maintaining the ball’s performance characteristics.

Sand and Polish the Ball Surface

One way to alter the coverstock is by sanding and polishing the ball surface. By using different grits of abrasive pads or compounds, bowlers can remove a thin layer of the coverstock to reduce weight. However, it is important to note that this technique may also affect the ball’s overall hook potential and lane grip.

Using a Higher Grit Abrasive

Using a higher grit abrasive can also help in reducing the weight of a bowling ball. A higher grit abrasive removes more material from the ball surface, resulting in a lighter weight. However, bowlers should be cautious as this technique might affect the ball’s overall reaction and performance on different lane conditions.

Applying a Lighter Topcoat

Applying a lighter topcoat to the bowling ball is another option for weight reduction. The topcoat can be adjusted by using lighter materials or reducing the number of layers applied. This technique involves careful experimentation to find the right balance between weight reduction and maintaining the desired ball reaction.

Is There A Way To Make A Bowling Ball Lighter?

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3. Using Lightweight Materials

Advancements in material technology have introduced the use of lightweight materials in bowling ball construction. These materials, such as carbon fiber or lightweight additives, offer a reduction in weight without compromising the ball’s performance.

Advancements in Material Technology

Bowling ball manufacturers are constantly researching and developing new materials to enhance performance and provide customization options for bowlers. The use of lightweight materials has allowed for the creation of balls with reduced weight, making them easier to handle and control.

Using Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has also made its way into the bowling ball industry. Nano-enhanced coverstocks are designed to provide additional performance benefits while maintaining a lightweight profile. These coverstocks utilize microscopic particles that enhance the ball’s reaction and hook potential, all while reducing overall weight.

Limitations and Considerations

While reducing the weight of a bowling ball can have its advantages, there are certain limitations and considerations that bowlers should be mindful of.

USBC Regulations

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) has regulations in place regarding the weight and specifications of bowling balls. It is important for bowlers to ensure that any modifications or alterations to the ball comply with these regulations to avoid disqualification in sanctioned events.

Impact on Ball Performance and Hook Potential

Reducing the weight of a bowling ball can potentially alter its performance characteristics, including hook potential, angle of entry, and overall motion on the lane. Bowlers should carefully evaluate the impact of weight reduction on their game and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Durability and Longevity

Modifying the weight of a bowling ball can affect its durability and longevity. Removing material from the core or altering the coverstock may compromise the ball’s structural integrity and reduce its lifespan. Bowlers should consider the long-term effects before making any permanent modifications.

Is There A Way To Make A Bowling Ball Lighter?

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Safety Precautions

It is important for bowlers to prioritize safety when considering any adjustments to the weight of a bowling ball. Some safety precautions to keep in mind include:

Maintaining Proper Balance

Reducing the weight of a bowling ball can affect its balance and stability during the delivery. Bowlers should ensure that any adjustments made maintain the ball’s proper balance to prevent potential injuries or accidents.

Consulting with Bowling Professionals

To ensure the best outcomes when modifying the weight of a bowling ball, it is advisable to consult with bowling professionals or experienced ball drillers who possess the expertise and knowledge to make informed recommendations and perform the necessary modifications safely.


When it comes to bowling ball weight, finding the optimal balance between comfort and performance is essential. Bowlers have various options to adjust the weight of their bowling balls, ranging from drilling and plugging holes to using adjustable inserts. Additionally, materials such as polyester, urethane, reactive resin, and particle offer different performance characteristics for bowlers to choose from.

Techniques such as drilling out the core, altering the coverstock, and using lightweight materials provide bowlers with avenues to reduce the weight of their bowling ball while maintaining performance. However, it is important to consider the limitations, regulations, and potential impact on ball performance and durability.

By prioritizing safety, consulting with professionals, and exploring different approaches, bowlers can find the optimal balance and achieve the desired weight and performance for their bowling balls.

Is There A Way To Make A Bowling Ball Lighter?

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