Do Any Pros Use 14 Pound Balls?

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In the world of professional bowling, where competition and precision are key, one may wonder if any pros opt for 14-pound bowling balls. With the sport requiring a delicate balance of power and control, the weight of the ball can greatly impact a player’s performance. So, do any professionals in the bowling industry choose to wield these seemingly lighter options on the lanes? Let’s explore whether 14-pound balls find their place among the pros and what factors contribute to their decision-making process.

Pros’ Ball Preferences

When it comes to bowling, the choice of ball can greatly impact a player’s performance on the lanes. The weight of the ball is one of the key factors that pros take into consideration when selecting their arsenal. While there is a wide range of ball weights available, ranging from 12 to 16 pounds, some pros have shown a preference for 14 pound balls. In this article, we will explore the various factors that influence ball choice, the advantages and disadvantages of using 14 pound balls, and highlight some of the top pros who opt for this weight category.

Factors Influencing Ball Choice

Before delving into the specifics of 14 pound balls, it’s important to understand the factors that pros take into account when deciding on their ball of choice. One crucial factor is lane condition. Different oil patterns on the lanes require different types of balls, resulting in varying ball motion and reaction. The speed and rev rate of the bowler also play a significant role, as they determine the amount of friction and hook potential needed. Finally, personal preference and comfort with a particular weight can also influence a pro’s decision.

Do Any Pros Use 14 Pound Balls?

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Weights Preferred by Pros

While ball weight selection ultimately boils down to personal preference, it is worth noting that the majority of professional bowlers tend to lean towards heavier weights. This is due to the advantages of increased pin carry, better ball motion, and enhanced hitting power. However, there is a small percentage of pros who have found success with 14 pound balls and have their own reasons for choosing this weight category over the more common 15 or 16 pound options.

Advantages of 14 Pound Balls

Despite being on the lighter end of the spectrum, 14 pound balls offer distinct advantages that make them a viable choice for pros who prefer them. One of the primary benefits is increased control and accuracy. The slightly lighter weight allows for easier swing and release, resulting in improved shot making and precision. Pros who have mastered their technique often find that using a 14 pound ball allows them to consistently hit their mark with greater accuracy.

Another advantage of using 14 pound balls is that they place less strain on the body. Bowling can be physically demanding, and the repetitive motion of throwing a heavy ball over multiple games can take a toll on a bowler’s muscles and joints. The lighter weight of a 14 pound ball can help reduce the risk of fatigue and potential injuries, allowing pros to maintain their performance levels over extended periods of play.

Do Any Pros Use 14 Pound Balls?

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Disadvantages of 14 Pound Balls

While 14 pound balls offer several advantages, they also come with a few drawbacks. One notable disadvantage is reduced hook potential. Heavier balls naturally generate more pin action, allowing them to hook and hit the pocket with greater force. In comparison, 14 pound balls may have a slightly lower hook potential, requiring the bowler to make adjustments to compensate for this. Nonetheless, skilled bowlers who can adapt to different ball motions can still achieve excellent results with 14 pound balls.

Another disadvantage of lighter balls, including 14 pounders, is the potential for less power on heavy oil conditions. When the lanes are heavily oiled, a heavier ball can cut through the oil and maintain its energy down the lane, resulting in increased pin carry and hitting power. However, a 14 pound ball may struggle to retain the necessary power in such conditions, potentially leading to less desirable pin carry and a greater chance of leaving difficult spare conversions.

Pros Who Use 14 Pound Balls

Despite the disadvantages mentioned, there are several pros who have found success with 14 pound balls and have become advocates for this weight category. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable professionals who prefer throwing 14 pound balls:

Do Any Pros Use 14 Pound Balls?

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Sandra Andersson

Sandra Andersson is a highly accomplished professional bowler known for her precise shot making and accuracy. Her impressive resume includes multiple tournament wins and appearances in prestigious international events. Sandra’s reason for using 14 pound balls lies in her physical build and style of play. Being a smaller-statured player, the lighter weight allows her to maintain better control and consistency, giving her an edge on the lanes.

Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte is a household name in the world of professional bowling, often regarded as one of the most dominant players of his generation. His unique two-handed delivery and unparalleled rev rate have earned him numerous accolades, including multiple PBA Player of the Year honors. Despite his immense strength and power, Jason opts for 14 pound balls due to his exceptional control and accuracy with this weight category. He believes it allows him to closely control the ball’s motion and hit his target with unmatched precision.

Do Any Pros Use 14 Pound Balls?

Pete Weber

Pete Weber, a charismatic and iconic figure in bowling, is known for his animated celebrations and fierce competitiveness. With a career spanning several decades, Pete has amassed an impressive collection of professional titles and remains a force to be reckoned with on the lanes. When it comes to ball choice, Pete prefers 14 pound balls for their versatility and ease of use. He believes they allow him to adapt to varying lane conditions and provide a solid foundation for his aggressive playing style.


While it may seem unconventional for professional bowlers to use 14 pound balls, there are clear advantages to this weight category. The increased control and accuracy, as well as the reduced strain on the body, make 14 pound balls a viable option for pros seeking these benefits. Despite the slightly reduced hook potential and potentially less power on heavy oil conditions, skilled bowlers who can adapt their game can still excel with 14 pound balls. Sandra Andersson, Jason Belmonte, and Pete Weber are just a few examples of successful pros who have embraced the advantages of 14 pound balls and achieved remarkable results on the professional bowling circuit.

Do Any Pros Use 14 Pound Balls?

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