Top 10 Most Expensive in 2021
Top 10 Most Expensive in 2021

Bowling balls on our list are number one for some of their characteristics.

They are number one in weight, quality, type of cover stock, core materials, positioning of finger holes, and high-quality aesthetics.

Following those characteristics will help you determine which bowling ball fits your bowling style best.

Bowling balls – characteristics overview


Right weight of bowling ball

The formula is pretty simple. It would be best if you tried out bowling balls that are a tenth of your body weight.

That is the correct ratio for bowling ball weight that will allow you natural movement on the lane.

Personalized finger holes

Every palm and finger size is different. Due to that, the positioning of finger holes can not be the same for every bowling ball player.

Core type

The core is the inner part of the bowling ball. It determines the positioning of the finger holes.

Also, if the positioning of holes is calculated with core type in mind.

That can result in a stronger reaction and more hook movement, while the wrong spot can reduce training and give your bowling ball a weaker response.

Cover stock

The cover stock of the bowling ball next to the core determines the potential of the ball.

Efficiency and efficacy are also depending on those two factors.

Cover stock on the ball has the most significant impact on your movement in the lane.

Top 10 Most Expensive in 2023 (reviews)


Brunswick DV8 Quantum Bias Bowling Ball

Cover stock: ECA-XR Factory
Core: Quantum Mushroom High
Finish: 1000 Siaair

Unique ECA-XR Factory cover stock makes solid hook potential because of its increased volume.

It gives 3.5 more volume to the ball and enhances hitting power.

Also, finishing on the ball improves movement on the lane.

This core type gives high flare potential that enhances a strong hook.

Dry lanes are not the greatest match for this bowling ball.

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Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

Cover stock: R2S Hybrid Reactive
Core: RAD4
Finish: 1500-grit Polished

This bowling ball has great power on the heavy oil lanes.

Also, it moves smoothly and speeds up in the mid-lane to the destroying and sharp backend reaction.

This ball has an incredible design and is one of the biggest names on the list!

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Columbia 300 Lit Pearl Bowling Ball

Coverstock: Reflex XS Pearl
Core: Lit Asymmetric
Finish: 1000 Grit Abralon and Polished with factory finish

This is a high-performance ball. With extreme hook potential with core, that enhances it even more.

The long movement ends with an aggressive backend reaction.

The ball holds energy and is utilized in the next roll to strike off the remaining pins.

Hyper shock technology makes this ball the strongest one on the list.

List for different lane conditions balls!


Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball

Coverstock: MicroTrax-S18
Core: Centrum asymmetrical core
Finish: 2000 Grit Pad finish

This is the ball for heavy oil lanes. Because of core technology, this ball is highly aggressive.

The flare potential in this ball is very high. As a result, production materials make balls highly durable and sturdy.

Contacts and movement are good, and it has an impressive grip before rolling.

This ball is made for long-playing patterns on the bowling lane.

Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball

Coverstock: Semtex CFI
Core: Gauntlet asymmetric
Finish: 1000 Grit Abralon

Best ball on the list, performance-wise. It performs best on the medium and heavy oil lanes.

High hook potential and high durability put it on the list.

On the mid-lane, it gives an intense angular backend reaction.

Mighty hitting power in the end.

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Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball

Cover stock: SPEC (Storm Performance Enhanced Cover stock) Solid Reactive
Core: Catalyst (Asymmetrical)
Finish: 2000-grit Abalone

The asymmetrical core is a modern technology design.

It uses vertical-cavity technology that is positioned in SPEC.

SPEC is designed to improve the performance of the cover stock.

Due to that, this ball is made for heavy oil lanes. Highly durable and has excellent endurance against friction.

Stylish amazing appearance.

Brunswick Magnitude 035 Bowling Ball

Coverstock: Relativity Traction Solid
Core: Magnitude 055 High Diff
Finish:500/1,500 Siaair Micro Pad

Strong hook potential that responds well on different lanes. It has great control over the track.

The ball goes smoothly to the middle and shows impressive pin action in the end.

Aesthetics is a big part of this bowling ball. It is one of the most patiently designed ones.

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Powerful bowling balls in 2023. that has modern technology and extraordinary design

Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball

Coverstock: Coercion HFS Solid
Core: Predator V2
Finish: 3000 Grit LSS Factory Finish

Asymmetrical low RG with a high differential core generates high revolutions.

It has strong hook potential with an aggressive backend reaction.

This ball is for different bowling surfaces. It has accurate mid-lane movement.

It is another carefully designed bowling ball on the list.

Brunswick Tenacity Bowling Ball

Coverstock: UR (Ultra Responsive)
Core: Tenacity
Finish: 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound

This ball has responsive cover stock in combination with the high technology core.

As a result, this combination makes the ball great on different lanes.

Long movement from the first part of the lane to the mid-lane.

Very high hitting power on end strikes through pins. It has tremendous energy in smashing pins.

Storm Intense Fire Bowling Ball

Cover stock: R3S Hybrid
Core: RAD-E asymmetrical
Finish: 1500 polished grit finish

Firstly, this powerful ball has a lot of energy.

Also, it has dual-density disc technology.

Great for obstacles on the lane with intense and robust backend reaction.

High flare and hook potential on different lanes.

Subsequently, excellent finish and polish with extra length and powerful movement.

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