storm xtra hook wrist support review
storm xtra hook wrist support review

For anyone who loves bowling but struggles with wrist pain or lack of control, the answer may just be the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support. This innovative product is designed to provide maximum support and stability for your wrist, helping you achieve a more powerful and accurate delivery. With its unique Xtra-Hook feature and customizable fit, this wrist support is a game-changer for bowlers of all skill levels. Say goodbye to wrist discomfort and hello to improved performance on the lanes with the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support.

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Why Consider This Product?

If you’re an avid bowler looking to improve your game, the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support should definitely be on your radar. With its innovative features and numerous benefits, this wrist support will give you the edge you need on the lanes. Backed by scientific research, endorsements, and positive customer testimonials, this product has gained a strong reputation in the bowling community.

Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support


Features and Benefits

Enhanced Stability

The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support provides unparalleled stability during your bowling motion. Its unique design locks the wrist in place, preventing unnecessary movement that can result in inaccuracies and decreased power. This enhances your overall control and ensures a consistent release every time.

Increased Hook Potential

With the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support, you can expect a significant increase in hook potential. The support’s ergonomic shape promotes a more natural wrist angle, allowing you to generate greater revs on the ball. This means more hooks and a better chance of hitting the pocket, resulting in higher scores.

Comfortable Fit

One of the standout features of the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support is its exceptional comfort. The support is crafted with high-quality materials that are soft against the skin, preventing any discomfort or irritation during long bowling sessions. Its adjustable straps ensure a snug fit for all wrist sizes.


Crafted with durability in mind, the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support is built to withstand the rigors of regular bowling. Its robust construction ensures that it won’t wear out or lose its effectiveness even after extended use. This makes it a long-lasting investment for any serious bowler.

Product Quality

The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support is manufactured with utmost attention to quality. It undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to industry standards to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. Additionally, the product has received certifications from renowned bowling associations, further affirming its superior quality and performance.

What It’s Used For

Improved Technique and Performance

By utilizing the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support, bowlers can achieve improved technique and enhanced performance. The support acts as a guiding mechanism, assisting in maintaining the correct wrist position throughout the bowling motion. This leads to more accurate shots, increased revs, and ultimately better scores.

Injury Prevention and Recovery

The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support is not only beneficial for improving performance, but it can also aid in injury prevention and recovery. Its stabilizing feature minimizes the risk of wrist injuries caused by excessive strain or improper alignment. Additionally, it can support the rehabilitation process for bowlers recovering from wrist-related ailments.

Consistent Release

Achieving a consistent release is crucial in bowling, and the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support helps you achieve just that. By keeping your wrist in the optimal position throughout your swing, the support eliminates unnecessary variations in your release, leading to improved accuracy and repeatability.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bowler, the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support caters to all skill levels. It can be used by bowlers of any age or gender and is compatible with both two-handed and traditional single-handed bowling techniques. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their game.

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Material High-quality, durable fabric
Size Range Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Adjustability Velcro straps for customized fit
Compatibility Two-handed and single-handed techniques
Certification Approved by major bowling associations

Who Needs This

The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support is a must-have for bowlers who are serious about improving their game. Whether you’re a professional seeking that edge in competition or a casual bowler looking to enhance your performance, this wrist support will benefit you. It is suitable for all ages and skill levels, making it a versatile tool for anyone passionate about bowling.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced stability and control
  • Increased hook potential
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile for all skill levels


  • May take time to get accustomed to using a wrist support
  • Requires proper sizing and adjustment for optimal effectiveness


  1. Can I use the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support for both two-handed and traditional single-handed bowling techniques?
  • Yes, the wrist support is compatible with both bowling techniques.
  1. Will it fit my wrist size?
  • The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support is available in multiple sizes (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large) and features adjustable straps for a customized fit.
  1. Does the product come with any instructional materials?
  • Yes, the product includes detailed instructions on how to properly wear and adjust the wrist support for optimal results.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have tried the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support have nothing but praise for its performance. They note a significant improvement in their control, accuracy, and overall scores. Many also appreciate the comfortable fit and durability of the product, emphasizing its exceptional value for money.

Overall Value

The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support offers tremendous value for any bowler aiming to enhance their game. Its array of features, including enhanced stability, increased hook potential, and a comfortable fit, make it a top choice among bowlers of all levels. Backed by scientific research, certifications, and positive customer feedback, this product delivers on its promise of improved performance.

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Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To make the most of your Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support, follow these tips:

  1. Take the time to adjust and ensure a proper fit for optimal support.
  2. Practice with the wrist support to familiarize yourself with its feel and effects on your game.
  3. Combine the use of the wrist support with proper bowling techniques and regular practice to maximize its benefits.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support is a game-changer for bowlers seeking improved stability, increased hook potential, and overall enhanced performance. With its durable construction, versatile design, and exceptional comfort, it caters to bowlers of all skill levels and ages. Backed by scientific research, certifications, and positive customer testimonials, this wrist support is a reliable ally on the lanes.

Final Recommendation

We highly recommend the Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support to any bowler looking to elevate their game. Its outstanding features, quality craftsmanship, and positive feedback from customers make it a worthwhile investment. So go ahead and equip yourself with this wrist support to unleash your full potential on the bowling lanes.

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