storm xtra grip glove black right hand x large
storm xtra grip glove black right hand x large

I recently came across the “Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large)” and I couldn’t wait to share its impressive features. This glove boasts a unique gripping compound that enhances feel and control, making it ideal for activities requiring precision. Its Spandex fabric ensures a snug fit as it molds to the hand, complemented by supreme ventilation to keep hands dry and comfortable. The elastic wrist wrap offers extra support for tendons, adding to the overall stability. Whether you need it for the right or left hand, and in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, this glove is a versatile and practical choice for anyone seeking enhanced grip and comfort.

Are You Looking for a Better Bowling Glove?

If you’re like me and enjoy spending your weekends at the bowling alley, then you know how crucial it is to have a proper grip on the ball. A reliable bowling glove can make all the difference in your game, and that’s where the Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large) comes into play. Let’s dive into this detailed review to find out if it’s the perfect fit for you.

Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large)

Discover more about the Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large).

Unique Gripping Compound for Added Control

Consistency and control are key elements to a successful bowling game. The Storm Xtra Grip Glove boasts of a unique gripping compound that really stood out to me. This feature is designed to increase the feel of the ball, providing you with that extra bit of control that can help add precision to your shots.

Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large)

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Spandex Fabric Finger Gussets

Comfort and flexibility are essential when it comes to bowling gloves, and the Spandex fabric used in the finger gussets and the back of this glove delivers just that. The glove molds to your hand, providing a snug yet flexible fit that allows for a wide range of movement. Whether you’re aiming for a heavy hook or a straight, powerful throw, this glove adapts to your needs.

Supreme Ventilation

Sweaty hands can be a real dampener on your performance. Thankfully, the Storm Xtra Grip Glove includes features aimed at supreme ventilation, keeping your hands sweat-free and dry. The glove allows for ample airflow, ensuring that you remain comfortable even during long practice sessions or tournaments.

Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large)

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Elastic Wrist Wrap for Increased Support

Sometimes it’s not just about the fingers; the wrist needs support too. This glove comes with an elastic wrist wrap designed to increase support for your tendons. For those who, like me, have experienced wrist strain, this feature can be a game-changer, offering you the stability and support needed for a powerful yet smooth delivery.

Size Options

Finding the right fit can be challenging, but Storm makes it easier with a range of sizes from small to extra-large. Here’s a quick breakdown of the available sizes:

Size Small Medium Large Extra-Large
Right Hand
Left Hand

No matter your hand size or whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, there’s likely a perfect fit for you.

Breaking Down the Features

To make things even clearer, let’s break down the main features and benefits:

Feature Description Benefit
Gripping Compound Unique gripping compound Increased feel and control
Spandex Fabric Finger gussets and glove back mold to your hand Comfort and flexibility
Ventilation Designed for supreme ventilation Keeps hands sweat-free and dry
Elastic Wrist Wrap Provides increased support for tendons Additional wrist stability and support
Size Options Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large for both hands Customized fit for all bowlers

Personal Experience

Now for the bits you’ve been waiting for—personal experience. When I first slipped on the Storm Xtra Grip Glove, the first thing that struck me was its snug, comfortable fit. The Spandex fabric molded perfectly to the shape of my hand, and the glove felt incredibly lightweight, unlike some other brands I’ve tried before that felt overly bulky.

Improved Grip

Out on the lanes, the unique gripping compound really made a difference. My throws felt more controlled, and I noticed a significant improvement in the consistency of my deliveries. The gripping compound didn’t interfere with my natural feel of the ball; instead, it enhanced it, making me think twice about why I hadn’t tried this glove sooner.

Ventilation and Comfort

As someone who tends to sweat while concentrating hard, the glove’s supreme ventilation was a blessing. I played a couple of back-to-back games, and not once did I have to deal with that clammy, sweaty hand feeling that can be so distracting. The breathability really kept my hands dry, even in longer sessions.

Wrist Support

The elastic wrist wrap offered enough support to my tendons, reducing strain and making my throws smoother. After a few games, my wrist didn’t feel as fatigued as it normally would, a feature that could be crucial for anyone dealing with wrist issues.

Why Choose the Storm Xtra Grip Glove?

After trying the Storm Xtra Grip Glove, I can confidently say it’s a fantastic choice for any bowler looking to improve their game. Here are some compelling reasons to choose this product:

  1. Increased Control: Its unique gripping compound enhances your control over the ball, improving accuracy.
  2. Ultimate Comfort: The Spandex fabric provides a perfect fit and flexibility for any hand shape.
  3. Breathability: Superior ventilation makes sure your hands stay dry, no matter how intense the game gets.
  4. Support: The elastic wrist wrap offers essential support, reducing the risk of strain or injury.
  5. Versatility: With multiple size options and availability for both hands, there’s a fit for everyone.


In summary, the Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large) excels in delivering control, comfort, and support. It addresses key needs for any bowler and offers practical solutions to common problems like sweaty hands and wrist strain. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, this glove is a worthy addition to your bowling gear. Give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll feel the difference in your game just as I did.

Find your new Storm Xtra Grip Glove Black- Right Hand (X-Large) on this page.

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