Introducing the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball, a game-changer designed for avid bowlers seeking performance and consistency on the lanes. With its Tx-16 solid reactive cover stock and innovative Velocity weight block, this 15-pound powerhouse offers strong motion and precision. Paired with the Storm Bowling Shammy, a perfect accessory measuring 8″x8″x1″ to keep your ball clean and tacky, the Phaze II ensures impeccable performance. This 3000-Grit Abralon factory-finished ball is your ticket to mastering the game with confidence and style. Have you ever been on the hunt for a bowling ball that simply feels right?

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

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My Experience with the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

I’ve been bowling for years, and finding the right ball can be a game-changer. The moment I held the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball, I knew I was in for something special. Unlike other balls I’ve tried, this one felt substantial, perfectly weighted, and impressively engineered.

The Tx-16 Solid Reactive Cover Stock

For those who might not be familiar with cover stocks, let me tell you, the cover stock plays an integral role in how the ball grips the lane. The Tx-16 solid reactive cover stock on the Storm Phaze II is outstanding. It offers unparalleled traction, giving me the confidence to excel on various lane conditions, particularly medium to heavy oil patterns.

The Velocity Weight Block

The Velocity weight block inside the Phaze II enhances its motion, making it easier to predict and control. The ball’s dynamic balance makes it feel almost intuitive, allowing for smooth, strong arcs down the lane. This makes it perfect for bowlers who rely on both precision and power.

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball


Importance of the Storm Bowling Shammy

Maintaining the Phaze II

When I first got the Storm Phaze II, I immediately realized that this ball would need proper maintenance to keep performing at its best. The Storm Bowling Shammy is a lifesaver. It measures 8″x8″x1″ and fits comfortably in my palm, making it really easy to use. This pad does an excellent job of removing oil and restoring the ball’s tackiness, ensuring that every throw is as effective as the first.

Easy to Use

The shammy is straightforward to use. A simple wipe between frames keeps the Phaze II clean and performing optimally. I never have to worry about oil build-up affecting my game. This small maintenance step makes a massive difference in performance consistency.

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

See the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball in detail.

3000-Grit Abralon Factory Finish

Unmatched Surface Quality

The factory finish of the Phaze II is at 3000-Grit Abralon. To the uninitiated, this might sound technical, but essentially, this finish gives the ball its unique surface texture. This finish ensures that the ball handles different lane conditions superbly while maintaining consistent motion and control.

Performance on Different Lane Conditions

Whether I’m bowling on freshly oiled lanes or ones that have seen a couple of games already, the Phaze II holds its own. It doesn’t skid unpredictably or lose its grip, giving me confidence that my ball will respond as expected every single time.

Detailed Breakdown of Product Specifications

To give you a better understanding, here’s a quick breakdown of the main features of the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball and the Storm Bowling Shammy:

Feature Specification Benefit
Cover Stock Tx-16 solid reactive Superior traction, excellent lane grip
Weight Block Velocity weight block Enhanced motion, strong and smooth arcs
Ball Weight 15 lbs Perfectly balanced for medium weight preferences
Factory Finish 3000-Grit Abralon Consistent surface texture, versatile lane handling
Shammy Size 8″x8″x1″ Easy-to-use, keeps ball clean and tacky

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

Versatility and Performance

Suited for Various Play Styles

One thing I really appreciate about the Storm Phaze II is its versatility. No matter your style—stroker, cranker, or tweener—this ball complements it well. The strong motion and control make it suitable for anyone looking to elevate their game. Plus, its 15 lb weight strikes a perfect balance for most bowlers.

Ideal for Different Skill Levels

Although the Phaze II is a high-performance ball, it’s also reasonably forgiving for beginners. I’ve recommended it to friends who are just getting into bowling, as well as seasoned players, and the feedback is consistently positive.

My Personal Performance Boost

Improvements in My Game

Since adding the Storm Phaze II to my arsenal, my game has improved noticeably. My scores are higher, and my consistency frame after frame has seen a marked increase. The ball’s reliability and performance contribute significantly to these improvements.

Confidence on the Lane

Knowing that I can count on my equipment gives me a different level of confidence. With the Phaze II, I’m not just hoping for a good game—I’m expecting it. And that makes a significant psychological difference.

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

Tips for Using the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

Regular Maintenance with the Shammy Pad

To maintain the Phaze II’s performance, I make sure to use the Storm Bowling Shammy regularly. A clean ball always performs better, and this shammy pad ensures I keep the ball in top condition easily.

Understanding the Lane Conditions

While the Phaze II is versatile, understanding the lane conditions can help maximize its performance. I always check the lane conditions before starting my game to decide how best to utilize the ball.

Practicing with the Phaze II

Like any piece of sporting equipment, getting the most out of the Phaze II requires practice. I’ve spent hours getting to know the ball’s reactions, adjusting my technique to match. This practice has paid off in spades during actual games.

Final Thoughts

Worth Every Penny

Investing in the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my bowling career. Whether you’re an amateur looking to get serious about the sport or an experienced player in need of reliable, high-quality equipment, this ball is worth every penny.

Exceptional Support from the Shammy Pad

Pairing the Phaze II with the Storm Bowling Shammy ensures that I get the most out of my ball every time I hit the lanes. This combination has unquestionably upped my bowling game and brought back the fun and excitement of every throw.

So, if you’re considering elevating your bowling experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball and the Storm Bowling Shammy pad. Both will help you in refining your technique and achieving consistent performance, making your time on the lanes more enjoyable and rewarding.

See the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball in detail.

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