hammer plus 1 black
hammer plus 1 black

Introducing the Hammer Plus 1 – Black, an essential for avid bowlers looking to expand their gear storage effortlessly. Designed to add an extra ball to your 2 and 3 ball roller bags, this rugged product stands up to the rigors of frequent use. The front accessory pocket with a zipper allows convenient access to your smaller essentials, and the adjustable rear strap ensures a secure fit. Whether you’re heading to league night or a weekend tournament, the Hammer Plus 1 – Black makes transporting your bowling gear a breeze. Ever found yourself needing that extra bit of space when transporting multiple bowling balls? I sure have! Enter the “Hammer Plus 1 – Black,” my latest find that’s completely changed the way I travel with my bowling gear. It’s rugged, practical, and just plain cool. Allow me to share my experience in a detailed review of this handy item.

Hammer Plus 1 - Black

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What is the Hammer Plus 1 – Black?

Before I dive into my review, let’s discuss what exactly the Hammer Plus 1 – Black is. At its core, this product is designed to add an extra ball to a 2 or 3-ball roller bag. Yes, you heard that right! Think of it as an additional storage unit for your beloved bowling balls.

Key Features

The Hammer Plus 1 – Black comes equipped with a front accessory pocket with a zipper and an adjustable rear strap. Pretty straightforward, right? But wait till you see how these features come in handy.

Front Accessory Pocket

The front accessory pocket is a gamer-changer. I’ve always needed extra room for my wrist guards, cleaning cloths, and maybe even a snack. This pocket has a zipper to keep all those items secure.

Adjustable Rear Strap

The adjustable rear strap is designed to easily attach to your current roller bag. It’s all about flexibility! Whether you own a 2-ball or 3-ball roller bag, the Hammer Plus 1 – Black will fit perfectly.

Hammer Plus 1 - Black

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My Personal Experience

When I first heard about the Hammer Plus 1 – Black, I was a bit skeptical. Would it hold up to its promises? Would it be sturdy enough to carry my precious bowling balls safely? I decided to find out for myself.

Initial Setup

Unboxing the Hammer Plus 1 – Black was a straightforward experience. The item arrived neatly packed and was easy to unpack. As soon as I had it in my hands, I could feel its durability. The material seemed rugged and well-made, promising good longevity.


Installing the Hammer Plus 1 – Black onto my 3-ball roller bag was a breeze. The adjustable rear strap made it incredibly easy to attach. Within minutes, I had an additional slot for another ball, and it felt secure. I didn’t worry about it wobbling or falling off during transport.

Field Test

I couldn’t wait to take it out for a spin. My first outing with the Hammer Plus 1 – Black involved a local bowling tournament. To my delight, the additional storage didn’t make the bag cumbersome. Maneuvering my bag was as smooth as ever, and having that extra ball offered me more options during the competition.

Hammer Plus 1 - Black

Find your new Hammer Plus 1 - Black on this page.

Practical Benefits


One of the biggest advantages of the Hammer Plus 1 – Black is the convenience it offers. No more tough decisions about which ball to leave at home. Now, I can bring that extra ball without any hassle.


This product exceeded my expectations in terms of durability. The rugged material withstood varying weather conditions and the wear and tear of regular usage. It feels like an investment that’s going to last for a long time, certainly providing a great bang for the buck.


Both the zipper on the front accessory pocket and the adjustable rear strap give you peace of mind. You can be confident that everything is secure and nothing will go missing or get damaged.

Breaking Down the Information

Let’s break down the information for better understanding. Here’s a table summarizing some of the key aspects of the Hammer Plus 1 – Black.

Feature Details
Material Rugged
Type of Bags Supported 2-ball and 3-ball roller bags
Accessory Pocket Yes, with zipper
Adjustable Rear Strap Yes
Ease of Installation Very easy
Durability High
Security High (Zippered pocket and secure strap)

Pros and Cons

No review is complete without a pros and cons section. Here’s what I found with the Hammer Plus 1 – Black.


  • Easy to Install: The adjustable rear strap makes it a breeze to attach.
  • Rugged Material: Built to last, it withstands wear and tear.
  • Additional Storage: Adds space conveniently without adding bulk.
  • Secure: Items stay safe with the zippered pocket and secure strap.


  • Limited Color Options: As far as I know, it only comes in black.
  • May Add Weight: Depending on how many balls you’re carrying, it might add some extra weight.
  • Accessibility: If fully loaded, accessing your gear might require some unstrapping and rearranging.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Hammer Plus 1 – Black has proven to be a fantastic addition to my bowling essentials. It has significantly improved my game by allowing me to carry an extra ball with ease. The installation process was effortless, and its durability gives me confidence that this investment will serve me well for years to come.

If you’ve ever wished you could bring an extra ball without the hassle, the Hammer Plus 1 – Black might just be the solution you need. Its combination of convenience, durability, and security makes it a standout choice for any serious bowler.

There it is—my comprehensive review of the Hammer Plus 1 – Black. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Bowl on and prosper!

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