Bowling Ball Backspin

A spinning bowling ball rotates on an Axis caused by the correct release of the bowling ball.

As the ball spins around the axis while the ball is in motion traveling down the lane, the axis will slowly tilt in an upward way, known as migration, and the degree of the axis will reduce until the ball makes contact with the pins.

A full bowling ball explains the “hooking motion” you are trying to get and may be referred to as “spin.”

Rolling Bowling Ball with backspin


There are methods to learn how to put spin a bowling ball. One is to maintain continue grip force on your fingers from the stance position on the approach and all through the full swing motion and into the critical release place at the base of the forward swing as your hand nears the back of your sliding shoe, the momentum developed from the swinging of the bowling ball will carry the ball onto the lane area beyond the foul line.

Another factor in developing a “spin” release is the positioning and placement of your bowling hand on the bowling ball.

To generate a little and continue hook, less finger rotation at the “moment of release” is required than if you want to develop a more significant hooking action as the ball travels down the lane.

Less hook is simple to control. A robust turn needs more discipline because of a quicker and more prominent rotation by the finger during the ball’s release.

For modest spin, a perfect look, and one which is simple to control, set up on the approach with your hand holding the ball not flatly underneath the ball and not entirely on the side of the ball, as if you were going to shake hands with any person, but rather in between the two positions.

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How to Spin a Bowling Ball For Beginners


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